Saturday, November 21, 2009


I didn't realize it has been since September since my last blog. Lots of stuff to talk about now! We've improved the brooder design so I'm not afraid of it chopping off my head when I reach in now. It holds a hundred chicks at a time and has been filled three times since that first batch of fifty. Right now it houses a colorful collection of pullets that, come spring, will be laying an assortment of brown and green eggs. Thirty of them go to our friends Bill and Cathy Bare, otherwise known as Santa and Mrs. Clause. That means I keep 70 for us. Yikes. I'm not sure if I knew what I was getting myself into. They sure are cute. The black ones are Barred Rock (brown eggs), The red ones are a hybred Production Red (brown eggs), and the stiped ones are Americaunas (green eggs).

They were mailed out on a Tues. but by Friday morning I was getting conserned when they still hadn't arrived. I called the hatchery and they said they didn't know what had happened and that they would send another batch. We both were sorry. All I could think of was a box of starving, dying chicks somewhere in a forgotten warehouse. Then Friday afternoon the post office called and said,"Your babies are here."Not one of them had died! They were starving and thirsty, but no losses. Now, a week later, still no losses. They are all eating and running around like little scurrying rabbits.

Speaking of rabbits, I have a new buck. A New Zealand from the Blaha's in Brooksville. He's still young, but I bought him because I thought my buck was defective. Not to worry though. I've finally gotten them to breed thanks to some advice from the Homesteading Today forum. Thanks to all who helped. Wheat Germ oil on the food and extra daylight hours by light bulb made a difference in only four days. We should have baby bunnies in a month. Yeah!