Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Oh, Boy can we see where the chickens have been all winter long! Our pasture is so much improved this year. We have grass coming up all over. You can see where the turkeys have grazed, fertilized and cleaned up the blackberries. Our next group of turkeys will be here by the end of the month. You can see where the movable egg-mobile has been too. See all the green behind it? The grass comes up the next morning after I move them!

Our next batch of layer chicks have arrived. We have Rhode Island Reds and Americanas with Barred Rocks still to come. We've ordered extra so if you are looking to pick up a few chickens for your yard, give us a call. In six months they'll be laying more brown and green eggs for the market.

I just had to show how big Lilly is getting. She and Johnny follow us on our daily chores feeding everyone and moving tractors. Anytime we have a chicken that needs a little extra care, we take it out and set it on the ground while we move the others. Lilly usually comes over and licks it's head and sits down beside it. I don't think the chickens like it, but she is very gentle and I'm hoping this is a sign of her future as a livestock guardian. We are still deciding whether or not to get her fixed or wait and breed her when she is two years old. How in the world will I keep all the neighborhood dogs away when she comes into heat? Will I regret it if I get her fixed and she turns out to be an excellent guardian? We already know she is a wonderful dog.