Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The New House

It looks good from the front window of the RV. I've taken lots of pics of the progress. They started on Thurs. Everyone had their own way of mastering the sandy quagmire. I've got ruts in every direction to remember them by. But here it stands. Yesterday was Labor Day, but the interior guy and the siding guy surprised us by coming anyway. Today the plumber comes, maybe the ac people if we are lucky. I'm sooooo ready to move in. The port-a-let is getting, well, you know. I'm not going to say it. Living without refrigeration is also a trick.

The real trick is not dwelling on the mistakes we've made and reminding myself of God's blessings. (We lost 6 chickens the other day due to our inexperience, we had them put the electric pole on the wrong side of the house, and I'm wondering if we should have kept the sliding glass door after all. ) I could make a long list of things I'd like to do over, but I know that won't get me anywhere. I get to begin moving stuff over to the house today and I'm going to thank God every step of the way.

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