Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Learning About Goats

Today I'm going to visit a goat farm. Milking is at 8:30 am.

Mr. Rogers used to sing a song:"Everything goes together, because you're all one piece..." That's the way is seems this farm works. Before the chickens can walk the ground, the grass must be cut down. Since we don't actually have grass yet, (more like sticks and cactus), we would need a $3,000 range mower to do the job without breaking. I wanted to do sheep, but now goats are looking like the ticket. In order to get the goats to cut the grass, we need to put up a fence along the back perimeter. Before we can do the fence, we need to finish building the tool shed because now we can begin moving into the RV. Guess where all the tools are--you guessed it, the RV. I think I'll ask if goats can be tethered.

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