Wednesday, July 1, 2009

waking up in the country

This is our third day waking up in the RV. The wild turkeys are keeping just out of site behind the trees on Mom and Dad's land. Yesterday we heard them gobble in answer to the thunder and lightning that took our power out for an hour. We weren't sure how to get the sample of water to take to the Health Dept. without the pump running, but it came back on in time for me to wade through the downpour and hand it to them before noon.

Bill and I both agree that one of the biggest blessings God has given us is in the water the pump is bringing to the surface. Today we get the formal results, but in an area of notorious iron ladden, yellow drinking water, ours is as clear and cold as the bottom of Fanning Springs. Thank you Jesus!

Today I am waking up to more boxes to unpack so we can sit on the couch, and watching a bluebird play on the back of our pickup truck. Looks like clear skies today. Thank God the ac works.

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