Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brooder Building

Can you say Cold?!!!! On the coldest day of the year, our first winter in the north country we worked outside all day building another brooder. In order to step up production, we decided to build brooder number two so we don't have to rush out little ones who are not ready to go onto the ground. Can you blame them in this weather? In order to keep our babies warm, we put up the art tent around brooder number one. This really worked and probably saved their little lives. The cold stayed out and three heat lamps kept it warm inside. Here's a picture of the outside of the craft hut and the inside with the brooder. The new brooder slid right in facing it. It's a tight squeeze, but it made it. Our new chicks come next week. The batch that is in brooder number one are two weeks old. I have to take a picture of the ducks. You won't believe how large they are! The other picture is of Micah while he works on a bird feeder. I'm not sure he can actually see the wood.

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