Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Studio Time

Our 40ft RV sits off to the side of the property in a quiet setting. It's been packed with all my art stuff in bins and boxes just waiting for me to come over and play. Since we bought "Bondo Bertha" as we lovingly call her, there have been many issues concerning leaks. (Hence the name) But the solution came in a huge billboard I ordered online. Who knew? You can order used billboards and use them for cool stuff. My wonderful husband built a framework over the RV to support it. I'll have to post another picture tomorrow with the final results. Thank you Verizon!

So today, in a dry RV, I pulled open those boxes and sorted my treasures into all the wonderful drawers and shelves and it's beginning to feel like my own space. Soon I'll receive the camp stove I ordered on ebay to have heat inside. Who needs electricity? Can you hear my contented sigh?

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